Anish Madan

Wadhwani AI

I am an Associate ML Scientist at Wadhwani AI, a non-profit organisation devoted to AI for Social Good. I am interested in all things Computer Vision, and especially interested in exploring 3D Vision and its interplay with general scene understanding and representations.

At Wadhwani AI, I work on the Baby Anthropometry project (under the guidance of Dr. Makarand Tapaswi), which helps estimate the weight of newborns from a video, so as to detect low-birth weight babies, which aids in providing timely intervention via healthcare providers.

Before joining Wadhwani AI, I graduated from IIIT-Delhi with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I have most recently worked with Dr. Ojaswa Sharma to improve StyleGAN performance for image-to-image translation tasks. For my Bachelor’s Thesis, I worked on designing a mechanism for defending adversarial attacks with Dr. Lokender Tiwari, under the guidance of my advisor, Dr. Saket Anand. I also got an opportunity to work with Dr. Ranjitha Prasad on a bayesian approach to Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Learning problems and Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah on Visual Question Generation.

I also spent a semester at the Research and Technology Centre of Bosch, working on improving semantic segmentation performance for Bosch autonomous driving datasets.

Apart from work, I love playing most sports, especially racquet-sports.

I am actively looking for MS/PhD opportunities for Fall 2022. Please reach out if you think I might be a good fit for your lab.


Oct 28, 2021 Reviewer for ICLR 2022
Oct 5, 2021 My work done during my Bachelor’s Thesis got accepted to WACV 2022! We propose a test-time replacement of Softmax layer for a pre-trained classifier to make the model robust to adversarial attacks.
Jan 29, 2021 Our paper got accepted to ICASSP 2021! We propose a Bayesian neural network based MAML algorithm, which gives competitive performance on few-shot learning tasks while sparsifying the network weights.
Jan 21, 2021 Graduated from IIIT-Delhi with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Applied Maths!
Jan 4, 2021 Joined Wadhwani AI as an Associate ML Scientist!